About brave Klimek who saved the moon


Nights had been dark for long. The Moon which would’ve always lit the skies had gone missing and hadn’t risen for many consecutive fortnights. Wise men had been trying to find out what the reason for that had been. In the meantime theft and turmoil began, scared people gathered in squares in order to think of what could be done. Once, during a meet up of that kind a son of a town-hall bugler spoke: “I’m telling you, it is Kaszczorek, s nix, who stole the Moon when it was going down in a twilight to drink water from river Vistula! I saw it!” That scared people even more for everyone knew about Kaszczorek’s naughty tricks. Everyone knew of what he had done before. Kaszczorek was said to have caused flooding of homes and to have stolen children and cattle grazing nearby.

Kaszczorek was believed to have lived on the river bottom in a place were river Drweca joins Vistula. As for Klimek, who was still a youngster, he was known his bravery. Many a time he easily got by situations that even strong men would fear to find themselves in.
And know, Klimek made for the river bank, not even waiting what ideas the crowd would come up with. He sat down on embankment and began thinking of how he could possibly get the Moon tothe place it should be.

And then a tern landed on his shoulder and gave him a magic wand sewed with rowan tree. They were whispering words that couldn’t be understood by a mob. Then the bird flew away. Klimek rose at once, lifted up the magic wand over the river and then it was when river waters spread aside. Klimek in no time entered between waters and proceeded deeper and further. Now, the legends says nothing of what happened there and then, but Klimek wouldn’t say anything either, for he must’ve been tied by kind of a secret. Whatever it was, though, Kaszczorek was to be met never again. The Moon lit the skies once again and young Klimek came back from waters safe and sound with his pocket filled up with a handful of golden coins. The Moon had been saved, that’s for sure. Night time violence ceased and there no highwaymen anymore either. Many sent thanks to Klimek, and soon after the whole story was simply forgotten.

Our hero soon took up on education – he began learning a profound art of goldsmith. Why? he wouldn’t say. But was to be understood soon, as Klimek had his next adventure. And again, as it’d been been before, he wandered around and finally headed for the same river shore, carrying a beautiful, golden crown. And then a weird creature appeared. The same amazing green-haired creature that old men said they’d seen long time before. It was Wislina, the queen river nymphs, undines and mermaids. She was the one, who many days before, had been saved by Toron, who in turn having fallen in love with her had had to take on demonic Swetek in a pitched battle. Wislina, the ruler of the river, having given a badly wounded in a fierce fight Toron a magic apple – saved him from death. Finally she married Toron, gave him children originating line of Toronics who were to become legendary fishermen and raftsmen. That term, whom Klimek had met in his previous adventure was no one but Wislina, who had transformed into that gull and had helped Klimek to save the Moon. But Klimek had to make up for her and her help – she had then demanded a golden crown. And now she took it, turned around and went back to her underwater kingdom. Soon after Klimek – now skilled in goldsmith – made another crown and topped a city town hall tower with it. The spire with crown overlooked Torun, the very city inhabited by descendants of Toron and Wislina.
The spire graced the town hall tower until year 1703 when it was destroyed during the war against Sweden.

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