About the brave cat of Torun


Should you reckon you have met the laziest creature among anything that lives on the Earth, then listen to the legend about a resident of our town, surely the most famous of Torun cats.

It was creature as lazy as brave…

Small wonder cats appeared in Torun. Called by residents they were to tackle the mice plague which played havoc in city granaries. Cats began their work promptly. They cleared out every granary so that the very last mouse left the town with its muzzle dropped. Mice were fought down, so cats were a great help to people of Torun. Except for one cat. That cat wouldn’t care about fighting mice and getting rid of them. Our cat would rather go on a walk or have something nice to eat instead. He was given food by city guards who liked him the most and they said he must have been the only of his species who had never met a mouse in his life-time.

Sweet laziness run his life continuously until one winter day in the year 1629. At that time Torun had to face quite the other plague – an invasion. Dangerous invaders from the North – the Swedes arrived in a great number. City had to be defended as the attack was aimed at spoils of war.

Then it was, when our cat – so lazy by then – woke up with a battle cry and got into a fight against the enemy. And he fought so hard injuring attacking soldiers by cutting, scratching and giving yanks to them. Finally, he fought off the enemies, they simply run away. Cries of victory were shouted. Cat’s merits and courage were not to be forgotten. Yet there were people who wouldn’t give the credit to our cat. Some said he didn’t deserve it and explained his miraculous transformation from a lazy cat into a warrior by him trying to obtain favours from one of local pussy-cats. Whatever the reason was, it shall never detract from cats merits and his fame shall not be outshone. Soon after cat was declared a hero and some of gate towers were named after body parts of a cat. So they were: Cat’s Tail, Cat’s Paws, Cat’s Belly and Cat’s Head. Only one of these towers remains to these days soaring over northern portion of city walls. It’s the Cat’s Head. Others didn’t survive taking on turbulent history of our town that was to come.

They say it was terrible fate of that part of our medieval town. We think, though, the later generations of defenders lacked as brave cat as he was, and that’s it.


Z   O   B   A   C   Z     T   A   K   Ż   E


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