About the White Dame of Torun


One of Torun forgotten legends – dark and mysterious. It’s for the bravest only! It’s a story about a woman who was dead and alive at the same time. She was, what is the most eerie thing, taken back from path of death by human vileness.

Great mourning came to house of a merchant in Torun. That merchant, a wealthy and well respected person couldn’t save his wife, despite all the money and wealth he gathered throughout his life.

His beloved went away to early, there was no end to mournings and longing. Yet it was time to say farewell sending her last earthly journey. According to the olden funeral customs the dead would be buried in a cellar of their parish church. That was why corpse of that poor late woman lay on a catafalque in St. Johns’ Cathedral on the very night prior to funeral. Her husband lavished money in order to ornament her body with the greatest diamonds.

Shining jewellery lured on, though. Small wonder, one common mortal man got impiously tempted by precious stone. Only later it would become clear it was a sexton, whose name has been now long forgotten. He is alleged to have come to the coffin tempted by an easy spoil. He must have been most astonished when found out that swollen fingers of that late lady wouldn’t give away jewels. Finally, greedy man chose to bite into one of fingers to get the greatest of rings. It was the when something eerie happened. All of u sudden the woman woke up producing frightful scream. Before poor sexton lost his mind and went totally insane the woman had run away. She wandered around Torun streets and lanes wearing white post mortal robes. What her meeting with her husband was like – we do not know and presumably we never will. Old books say, though, the merchant chose to commemorate that outstanding event soon after. He let making a bust sculpture of his beloved wife. It was to be an ornament on their house. And therefore their house got its name – it’s been called “Under the White Dame” ever since.

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