We are based in cellars of the grand tenant house located at 35 Szeroka Street – the major pedestrian alley in Torun. It is only 85 footsteps from the Old Town Square or Nicolas Copernicus statue – the most popular meeting spot in Torun.


35 Szeroka street, 87 – 100 Toruń
woj. kujawsko-pomorskie

Phone: 56 621 07 14 (from Poland) or 0048 56 621 07 14 (from overseas)
E-mail: (you can write in English)
Payee Identity Number: 9562303259
Register Number: 341422168
Account number (with sort code) : 51 1540 1304 2035 9129 0740 0001


Nasza lokalizacja:

Dom Legend Toruńskich

Z   O   B   A   C   Z     T   A   K   Ż   E


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