1. Cookies files are small piece of data (usually text files) sent from a website and stored on the Internet user’s computer or other device connected to the Internet. They contain name of a website they have been sent by, their storage time and a unique number.
  2. Domlegend.pl does not collect information automatically except for information sent within cookie files.
  3. Cookie files are designed to use our service. They are used for
    1. Letting to log in and keeping users logged in on every page of service
    2. Matching website content with users’ individual preferences.
    3. Creating anonymous statistic database with possibility of identifying of users disabled.
  4. Cookie files may be use by by our partners and third parties. They are then subject to partners’ and third parties’ cookie policies.
  5. As a measure of safety of data sent to our service and protecting data from transfer to unauthorized third parties our inner data safety policies as well as safety advise are in place. These policies are in accordance with personal Data Protection Act.
  6. Internet browsers and other software let sending cookie files to users’ devices by default. Users are enabled to change their software settings in order to tackle cookie files or it to make a website give an information each time cookie file is sent.
  7. Users may change their browsers settings at any time. Further information is to be found in your browser setting section.
  8. Changing browsers settings, however, may cause our website to work improperly.

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