Are you planning a trip to Torun?

Whether it’s early at dawn, or in the noon, or at dusk – the story-tellers will take you for an incredible journey through the Old Town streets. Experienced tour-guides will show you the most interesting spots and places. They’ll tell you what’s worth hearing and seeing and what the best attractions to choose from are. While wandering the trails of legends education will merge with loads of fun and you’ll get involved in this, too. Who then, if not story-tellers, could tell the stories better?

Tours for little ones and big ones

Legendary tour-guides will tell you in a light-hearted way legends about olden teutonic knights who settled town and gave it a charter. And about Tuba Dei, the great bell which was hung, in the name of Gode and His Glory, on cathedral tower. And about the plaugue of toads and a brave raftsman who got rid of those nasty frogs. And while walking Royal Trail you’ll hear about what happened to the King Jagiello himself. Your imagination will be moved by legends about the incredible beginnings of Torun, about a bold cat and a town hall callendar.
These and other stories aimed at youngsters and other will be told in a spectacular, almos theatrical way.

Z   O   B   A   C   Z     T   A   K   Ż   E


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