Here’s an offer of an amazing and unique event. We, the Guards of The House of Torun Legends, are experienced in organizing parties and shows. Not only will we give loads of fun, provide an excellent medieval cousin but also will provide integration.

Medieval feast

A very unique way of having funand the only opportunity to take seat by a table and be dined with medieval foods. Characters taken straight from the Middle Ages will take part in it as well: a beggar, a monk, a jester and town women will drag you into a junket. You’ll hear colorful legends, play some of characters from them. You’ll face incredible challenges. You’ll get into bargees fight on rafts. We’ll find the bravest knights among you, we’ll check how pure your hearts are and we’ll pronounce the real king! Stories told with a bit of spicy humour, unique scenery and warm atmosphere – these are our specialities.

These, so original parties can be enriched even further by brave knights who may show off with a sword fight or by a fortune-teller who may read your future from a deck of cards. There will be lots of fun. Team building parties take two hours on average. Food menu is composed as you wish. We do co-operate with reliable restaurants. As an addition we may provide hand made gingerbread with names of participants or anything else that crosses your mind. We can also provide a photo session. There may be some medieval music, a city game and loads more.

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