Who we are, how to tell it’s us,

or a few words about story-tellers



Omniscient! Shoes sewed with a golden thread are on her feet, so it may be said she must have been everywhere and she must have seen all. Yet she was born in Torun and so she can remember its origins. They say she is one the very few who survived a plague.


A friar with a voice as deep and as strong that he is often mistaken for the greatest of bells. Yet, you should know he is also able to produce other sounds just as well, sound so weird and eerie that it will have taken centuries before these sound would be identified by scholars as rap.


Although he wears white robes of a monk he is not to repellent against women’s charm. Beware you, noble ladies! And you, gentlemen, mind your women! For he loves his shallow being.


The most noble of our adventurers with a beard marked by time. Leaning on a stick topped with a shell. Often he tells stories about his faraway adventures. He uses a device able to catch sounds and light. Is this where the devil himself lives?


Profound in olden speach and writings of which the scariest stories and those full of horror she loves the most. Yet this should not be a surprise, for she owns dress as red as no one else’s in Torun.
Be not led astray by her charming face, though her mind as sharp as Teutonic knight sword, fear her making a retort!


She is profound in herbs. Having mistaken mandagorra officinarum for a celery root she unwillingly imposed a curse upon one of the friars. Accused of witchcraft she came to The House of Torun Legends and there she was acquitted. And now she is a charming story-teller and the only magic she can still use are her words.

Z   O   B   A   C   Z     T   A   K   Ż   E


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