I. Workshop for children

The birth of a legend – Got to know to get it!

Define a legend. Give it the right properties in a simple way. Recognize the most complicated principles to understand the way legends work. Break a legend into parts and let it change in the way it has changed for centuries. Create your own legendary characters. Give them individual features and way of behaviour so that they can become heroes of your own, unique story.

The birth of a legend – get to know to get it is a workshop aimed at individual or team work. Objective is creative making up of worlds.Through modern and up-to-date education and bringing up ways this workshop makes participants actors of their own stories, bound with with local legends.Regional awakening awareness, unlimitted fantasy and a theatre – this is how legends are born!

Participants: grades 4-6, primary school, up to 30 participants.
Time: 90 minutes
Price: 400 zlotys

II. Copernicus frenzied revolutionary head

Get to know Nicolaus Copernicus, his life, his great discoveries. Our animating staff, experienced in legends will reveal astronomical and other definitions making them way easier and more friendly.
Copernicus frenzied revolutionary head – it’s a workshop based on interaction that will deepen your knowldegde, it is also an interpersonal training. Thanks to modern and up-to-date education participants will get loads of new information and other interesting bits which can be used in your daily life just as well.
Name of Copernicus and definitions regarding Solar System will never be that distant and will never have anything to do with boredom, it will all be vivid and closer than ever. It’s all about revolution!

This comes in two variations:

Grades 1-3 of primary school, up to 30 participants
Time: 60 minutes
Price: 350 zlotys

Participants: grades 4-6 primary schools, up to 30 persons
Time: 90 minutes
Price: 400 zlotys
Features: education and fun


III. Secrets of a medieval town

Builders and discoverers! Get to know all the secrets of old gothic architecture!
Travel in time to golden era of medieval Torun. Decipher red-bricked buildings and tell what they were for. Throughout a 45 minute walk around the Torun Old Town children guided by an animating staff will tell secrets and features of gothic style in architecture. They will drop by an old tenant house, a town hall, a merchant house, a gate tower, a watch tower, city walls, a church and a granary.
Having come back to The House of Torun Legends young discoverers inspired by what they saw will create a plastic project of their own building.

Participants: grades 2-4 of primary schools, up to 26 persons
Time: 90 minutes
Price: 450 zlotys
Features: education and creation


Z   O   B   A   C   Z     T   A   K   Ż   E


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