As we are profound in telling legends and discovering secrets of the Guard of The House of Torun Legends we offer you taking part in a city game led by us.

Secrets of the Old Town

Wander medieval routs of Torun. Get to know incredible stories also those less known and a bit forgotten. Put light on new secrets and immerse in an atmosphere of the Old Town, atmosphere that is to be found nowhere else.
You will not go astray for the legendary map shall serve a purpose of helping you. It will let you meet a silent monk who having committed a sin of prophanacy now meditates. You’ll come round to see kinky chant-singer with his moving poetry who’s fallen in love with a beautiful and fair lady.

Braver ones will try a duel as bargees used to do, but you’ll shed no blood.
And you’ll listen to the story about a legendary underwater tunnel. And there will be plentiful of other atractions.Come on, you brave and noble adventurers. Loads of fun guaranteed.


Z   O   B   A   C   Z     T   A   K   Ż   E


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