An interactive show


The House of Torun Legends is an amazing and extraordinary place. A unique scenario will let you travel in time and taste adventures in medieval Torun. You all will become characters of stories that reveal the history of our town. You will experience fate of kings, knights and villains. Not only will talented story-tellers enchant you with their words but they will also invite you to take part in scenes and challenges.
Emotions and loads of good humour that aren’t to be found anywhere else will make your visit unforgotten. You’ll be laughing out loud and trembling with horror!

While visiting The House of Torun Legends you will

  • accomodate to and get acquainted with teutonic knights war customs and you’ll go to fight enemies with a pike in hand.
  • you’ll play a role in an amazing scene that happened to the King Jagiello himself when he came to visit Torun
  • fight in a bargee challenge and you’ll give a bow to the Fat Maryna
  • become a villain imprisoned in an iron cage
  • ring a real bell – minimized replica of The Tuba Dei Bell from St Johns’ Cathedral
  • check how pure your heart and conscience are by standing by the Leaning Tower of Torun that you’ll have to build first with your bare hands.


The House of Legends of Torun for everyone!


Planning a school trip?

Take your students, pupils for a time travel. Old customs, challenges and craft will be a secret to you no more. Education is merged with fun, vivid action and laughter will make this lesson unforgotten.

Family day out in Torun?

Your travel rout can’t be missing family fun! Dad will get acquainted with knighthood, Mum will become a bell-lady and kids will try to float on the rafts. But if there’s a witch among you… well, she’ll be locked!

Something for adults

Wink an eye and let’s have this legendary tour a little bit less serious. This is a perfect idea for team building parties, family reunion, anniversaries or for a meeting up with friends. We shall see who’s a strict ruler and who’s a a villain whom you should stay away but fear not. But will we be able to find among you a fair lady, full of virtues?

Now, story-tellers are rather talkative so you can’t be bored with legends and other rumours from their world. And it’s all dressed up in old.
We shall see you on the trails of legends!

1 hour – 100/120 zlotys (without historical dress/ with it)
90 minutes – 140/160 zlotys (without historical dress/ with it)
2 hours – 180/200 zlotys (without historical dress/ with it)


Z   O   B   A   C   Z     T   A   K   Ż   E


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